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General Terms and Conditions valid from February 1, 2012.

We recommend you read the terms thoroughly before doing business with us.


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01. Terms of agreements

Unless otherwise agreed in writing with L-tek A/S the “General Delivery Conditions” applies to all deliveries (including deliveries outside Scandinavia) with the following changes, clarifications and additions.

Other conditions relatied to a specific purchase order other than those listed here require, in each case, written consent from L-tek A/S.

Any offer is valid for 14 days and is subject to final order confirmation from L-tek A/S.

Objections to the terms and spcifications stated in an order confirmation must be made in writing within 5 working days of the date of the order confirmation.

02. Terms of pricing

The prices quoted in the offer are valid from the offer date and 14 days on. All prices are in DKK unless otherwise stated. Any offer is understood as one completed delivery. Until the price is finally confirmed by order confirmation from L-tek A/S, the prices can be regulated without notice upon changes in L-tek A/S purchase prices, exchange rates, taxes etc.

Invoices with order value of less than DKK 500,00 excl. VAT are subject to a processing fee of DKK 200,00 excl. VAT.

Unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation, the stated price is excl. any packaging materials.

03. Terms of delivery

Any indication of time of delivery shall be considered – unless otherwise stated in the offer – from final order confirmation.

All deliverise are made, unless otherwise agreed in writing, by AB Factory (Ex Works, see INCOTERMS 2010) from L-tek A/S’ stock, or directly from any subcontractor, if this is stated in the order confirmation. Delivery will take place at the time specified in the order confirmation. Any shipment from L-tek A/S’ address is thus at the buyer’s expense and risk.

If L-tek A/S is unable to deliver its service at the time specified in the order confirmation, and this is due to a delays from a subcontractor, L-tek A/S is entitled to postpone its delivery accordingly.

No fine is made in case of delayed delivery, but the buyer may cancel the agreement and claim compensation in accordance with NL 01 item 14, if L-TEK A/S does not deliver within a specified additional period. The compensation is limited, see NL 01 item 14, §5.

04. Terms of payment

Payment must be made 14 days from the date of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing. In case of payment after due date, interest will be decucted according to the rules in force in the interest rate act currently applicable.

05. Terms of ownership

L-tek A/S reserves the right for the goods until full payment is received.

06. Responsibility for deficiency

Complaints regarding defects that can be found by examining the goods upon receipt must be made in writing without undue delay and no later than one week after receipt of the goods. In other cases, complaints must be made immediately when the buyer finds or ought to have identified the defect.

L-tek A/S has no liabilty for defects, including functionality or properties, for products that are based on material or drawings/calculations from the buyer or any of the buyers associates. Similarly, if L-TEK A/S assists with preparation of drawings, programming or preparation of prototypes based on the buyer’s information and data.

In the case of repair, adjustments or replacements of goods, this will take place at L-tek A/S’ address, so that the buyer is obliged to return the goods to L-tek A/S on demand and to bear the associated costs. After repair, adjustment or replacement, the item is returned to the buyer at L-tek A/S’s expense. This implies that the return can be made to an address in Denmark and that the correction has been made on the bases of a justified  complaint.

In addition, the responsibility for deficiency is limited, see NL 01 item 34. The restrictions apply correspondingly in the event of any design and / or advisory liability for L-tek A/S and / or similar liability in relation to L-tek A/S’ subcontractors.

07. Return of goods

Return of ordered and delivered goods can only be made by prior agreement. If L-tek A/S accepts return of goods, a return slip will be sent from L-tek A/S, which must be returned with the goods. In all cases, return of goods that are unused and original, as well as original documentation, can only be returned.

08. Product liability

See NL 01 item 35. However the liability is maximized to DKK 1 million per damage, just as L-tek A/S is not responsible for operation losses, lost earnings or other indirect losses.

09. Disputes

Disputes arising from L-tek A/S deliveries shall be settled under Danish law and at the Danish courts with the Court of First Instance in Aarhus as the venue.

GDPR policy

Data processing of personal data: Your information provided will be used to assess whether a case should be instituted with L-tek A/S. L-tek A/S is the data controller for your information provided. L-tek A/S has its head office at Auningvej 91 C, Nørager, 8961 Allingåbro, CVR nr. 27931170. You can contact Randi Lund Nielsen at randi@l-tek.dk and phone +45 8915 3192. The submission of information may be required by a law L-tek A/S is obliged to follow or to be able to make a contract. If your infomation is not submitted for use, it could mean that the contract can not be completed.  Insight: You may request insight into the information processed in connection with your inquiry. On request, you have the right to get corrected information that appears incorrect or misleading, as well as requesting limited processing and objecting to processing of your information.

Complaint: You can contact our advisor on data protection, Randi Lund Nielsen, on email randi@l-tek.dk and phone + 45 8915 3192 and get your rights informed. You have the opportunity to appeal to Datatilsynet, Borgergade 28,5, 1300 København K, tlf. 33193200,  email dt@datatilsynet.dk about our processing of your personal data.

The information you have submitted is used only in a case that you have submitted your information in connection with. We do not publish your inquiry. We only disclose your information if you have a case here and forwarding is necessary for your case. Eg. for purchases and sales, a subcontractor may be forwarded. Period of time we store your information: The information is kept in accordance with the accounting legislation, ie. usually 5 years, unless other conditions make the information stored, for exampel a lengthy trial. All information is stored in accordance with the Personal Data Regulation. Our legal basis for processing your personal data can be found in the following rules: tax law, bookkeeping legislation and personal data regulation.


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