We are with you every step of the way

We are sharp and ambitious when it comes to your competitiveness

We have great ambitions, and as a subcontractor we also
allow ourselves to have ambitions on your behalf. That requires
more than just the right machinery and competencies.
It requires for us to understand and meet what is
important for you and your business.

It is our desire for us to work closely together with our customers. We are dedicated to providing effective consulting, service and know-how in laser cutting and sheet metal processing. We can assist and contribute from idea to finished product.

For us, long lasting relationships with those we work together with are our most important asset. It is through exchange of mutual knowledge that we develop and create new opportunities and progress. When we create value for our customers  – we create value for ourselves. In fact, this is probably our biggest business secret. But it is a secret we dare to reveal, because it is much easier said than done.

We are experts in laser cutting, sheet metal processing and welding. But we have more to offer. Our longtime experience working with supply chains enable us to be a value-added part of your production at all levels.

We are dedicated professionals who collaborate with and help some of the most talented companies, around and always openly communicate with our customers.

We are convinced that our interest and understanding of each individual customer’s situation is the reason why our advice makes a real difference and why our customers come back – again and again.

We know how important it is for our customers
that we understand:

Our many years of knowledge and competence is
your competitive advantage

Great focus on quality and delivery accuracy since 2001

L-tek was founded in 2001 by owner and director Lars Nielsen. The company is located in the scenic Nørager at Allingåbro in Djursland, and is an international subcontractor primarily in all types of laser cutting and sheet metal processing, with emphasis on quality and delivery accuracy.


Timely care
is part of our basic DNA

When you meet with us, you also meet a thorough approach to the task at hand. Although there are over 100 of us, we are quick in our decision making process and actions. And in all modesty we are proud to offer you a well documented delivery and quality performance.

From start to finish we carefully and thoroughly control every step of the process before your product leaves the factory.

You can always expect from us:

Close cooperation

High quality of the item

Precise and fast delivery

High service and loyalty

Development and innovation

Motivated professionals

Contact us

L-tek A/S

Auningvej 91 C,
DK-8961 Allingåbro, Nørager 

Phone: +45 86 48 72 95

CVR.: 27931170