Supplier with industry expertise


Quickly and with accuracy we can handle both small and big tasks

Large capacity
with 5 laser cutters

High productivity
with three shifts

Sharp and
competitive prices

We are ambitious when it comes to your competitiveness

Many machine builders have outsourced their laser cutting and bending tasks to us because we meet key criterias such as delivery accuracy, high quality and extremely competitive prices.

We are with you all the way

We have great capacity and expertise whether the task consists of laser cutting and bending of steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

We have a total of 5 laser cutters that run in three-shift and can therefore maintain high efficiency in production and fast delivery.

Three of the laser cutters are even fiber lasers that cut extremely quickly and accurately.

Items are delivered without grates and ready for assembly

No burrs!

In addition, the items can be delivered deburred from one of our sheet deburrers or vibration deburrer, which makes them easy to assembly or/and use in the further production.

We have sheet deburrers for both black iron and aluminium/stainless.

Even more, we have two systems to fling cleaning and separate sections for rounding edges with radius 2.

We are always ready with a laser sharp offer…

We have very competitive prices. Contact us with your task and we will return quickly with a laser sharp offer.

Contact us on phone + 45 8648 7295 or fill out the form with a description of the task or inquiry.

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