We are ambitious when it comes to lasercutting.

Lasercutting in iron, stainless steel, aluminum

– and various other metals

Quality controlled throughout

360 degree counseling

Documented and certified

– also for the food industry

We are specialized in lasercutting. And with that we mean, we not only have the right machines. We also have the right professionals with the knowledge and experience to get the right items from your sketches and drawings.

Our cutting prices are transparent and free from any kind of additional fees. You will get a precise and efficient production with both traditional laser cutting and fiber technology.

Do you have a drawing for us to look at?
Don’t worry. It does not cost anything for us to have a look. We would like to hear more about your project and are more than willing to meet with you to look into more optimized solutions.

We can of cause supply to all industries.
Our setup makes us particularly sharp when it comes to solutions that include laser cutting, folding, welding, deburring and pre-assembly to these industries:

Laser cutting is our
cutting edge competence

We are dedicated laser cutting specialists, which has been our cutting edge competence since the beginning of the company.

With 5 laser cutting machines, running around the clock, we have one of the industry’s largest capacities and the best plate utilization. We are able to cut items up to 4.000 x 2.000 mm in steel (25 mm), stainless steel (20 mm), aluminum (20 mm).

Accuracy on +/- (mm)


Item size up to (mm)

4000 x 2000

Thickness up to (mm)


We are order-producing, but also include framework agreements on serial production for big international companies that have high standards for precision and quality control.

We cut through most kind of materials. Our sharp and skilled professionals including blacksmiths, machine technicians and engineers ensures that we can cut and produce even the most demanding and complex tasks and items with steel-proof hand. Our machinery include:

2 x Bystronic 6,0 kw

3.000 x 1.500mm

1 x Bystronic Fiber 4,0 kw

4.000 x 2.000mm

1 x Bystronic Fiber 8,0 kw

4.000 x 2.000 mm

1 x Bystronic Fiber 10,0 kw

3.000 x 1.500 mm

Why choose laser cutting?

In short, it gives the absolute best result. Previously different methods of milling were used. A method that always required some extra handling and finishing of the items to be used for further production or assembly. However, with the precision and accuracy from laser cutting the items can be used without extra handling in the further production. And even with much lesser amounts of heating and energy than previous.

So laser cutting overall saves time and energy and is a much more precise method.

What is laser cutting?

A ”laser” is a device that creates light or other electromagnetic radiation by using quantum mechanical effects. The name is an acronym for the words “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”.

For industriel processing, such as laser cutting machines, it is a robotic control of strong laser beams in the infrared area that make it possible to cut items. The laser beam cuts – or rather melts – a slight cut in the base material, and the molten material is blown out with a cutting gas leaving a clean cut.

The typical cutting gases are nitrogen and oxygen, which are used according to the materials being processed.

We are much more than laser cutting

Although laser cutting is our cutting edge competence, we offer af wide range of other services in sheet metal processing such as deburring, folding, rolling, welding, surface treatment, assembly, storage and logistics.

You can get everything as you want it.

Laser cutting is, together with our large folding workshop, ready to streamline your production.

We are always ready with a laser sharp offer…

We have very competitive prices. Contact us with your task and we will return quickly with a laser sharp offer.

Contact us on phone +45 8648 7295 or fill out the form with a description of the task or inquiry.


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